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Plumbing and Heating Services

Plumbers protect the health of the nation posterAs your local plumbing service contractor, we want to ensure service that is beyond your expectations. We’ve created comprehensive lists of common services we provide, if you’re looking for something not listed here we recommend you reach out to us for more information.

Our Mission

We’ve specialized in installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing your plumbing & heating systems for the past three generations. Taking pride in working with home-owners, landlords, and businesses in Northern Michigan over the decades. We’ve grown and evolved over the years, building trust and repeat business.

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Plumbing Specialists

Water heaters
Garbage disposals
Sump pumps
Sewage ejectors
Pressure regulators
Washing machine hoses


Emergency shut-off valves
Main water shut-off valves
Shower valves
Tub valves
Gate valves
Ball valves


New pipes & re-piping
Whole house re-piping
Busted, frozen or noisy pipe repair
Broken pipe replacement
Pipe leaks & pressure problems
Galvanized, Lead & Copper pipes
Water lines (Water Pipes)
Drain lines (Drain Pipe)
Sewer lines (Sewer Pipe)
Waste piping


Kitchen Faucets
Shower Faucets
Tub Faucets
Sink Faucets
Handles & Levers